The Portuguese carpooling website.

UM COCHE means in portuguese an old animal-drawn vehicle and it also means a litle bit of something, one part of a whole. This was why we decided to call our carpooling project UM COCHE (one bit). We wanted people to realize that they only need a portion of a "coche" (car) for an entire journey. Sharing might be the solution for most of our economic problems. 

Art directed by Francisco Eduardo
Production directed by João Figueiredo

Actress: Joana RC Moreira
Realização: Francisco Eduardo
Camera: Gonçalo Silva

Edition/Post production: Francisco Eduardo, Gonçalo Silva
Production assistant: Sara Falcão
Make up : Inês Aguiar
Music: "Never Stop" by Jason “Chilly Gonzales” Beck
Studio: Street wall, "Cacilhas"

Portugal, Lisboa. 2013