"Que se foda" is an art project.
It's a simulation of a wine brand called "Que se foda".
An on-line platform was created by the artist - quesefoda.com - where the product was actually on sale like in a common wine shop.

During the process of buying, all clients had to tick "I am aware that I'm buying an art piece and not wine" in order to get it. 
Despite the customers' knowledge, the theme generated controversy because the artist used sealed wine bottles which he bought from a Portuguese winery. "Some people might feel the will to open and drink it, and that's one of the interesting layers of the project", says Francisco Eduardo.

From the complex work of art and its distinct layers of interaction with different universes, four moments stand out: red, white, green and rosé. They are the vehicle for a narrative, adds the artist.

Each moment was an exclusive sale of 1.000 units, and after it sold out, 4 unique hand-signed bottles were put up for sale for 1 million euros.
E assim sucessivamente...