Quality and Innovation in Sealing
Video developed to promote Pervedant's gaskets.
Directed by Francisco Cruz & Gonçalo Silva
Produced by Henrique Feller & Sara Falcão
Videography by Francisco Cruz & Gonçalo Silva
Concept by Francisco Cruz & Gonçalo Silva
Post Production by Francisco Cruz, Gonçalo Silva, Henrique Feller,
Bruno Biscaia & David Pires
Actors: Margot Walker Dias, Henrique Feller
Real Modeling by Bernardo Pimentel
3D Modeling by Rui Veiga
Boom Operator: Ricardo Leal
Gaffer: Pedro Paiva
Agency: Fnyhow
Pervedant® is a company that develops and manufactures Profiles and Gaskets for Aluminium, Wood and PVC Joinery, Industrial Applications and other Building Applications.
FNYHoW entirely produced the video for an exhibition and as a promotional spot for Pervedant.